Chandpara (WB): Blasting the CPI-M for allegedly joining hands with Maoists to kill her in their bid to return to power, West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee on Wednesday also charged the Marxists for being hand-in-glove with Congress and BJP in plotting against her.
"CPI-M has joined hands with the Maoists in making a blueprint to kill me and to make room for their return to power in West Bengal which will never come off," Banerjee thundered at her first panchayat poll campaign in Chandpara, near the border town of Bongaon in North 24-parganas district.
Unsparing in her charges against Congress and BJP, the Trinamool Congress supremo alleged that she had definite intelligence reports that a 'murder plot' was hatched during her visit to Kamduni village on Monday.
"Outsiders intruded the village when I visited the residence of the girl (gangrape victim who was brutally killed on June 8) and my security staff later told me that a murder plot was hatched against me there itself, which came to be known later," she alleged.
Banerjee, who was peeved at angry demonstrations on Monday by some women for visiting the victim's house 10 days after the crime and not hearing them, alleged that CPI-M organized the agitation and had a dig at two TV channels for allegedly provoking them.
"They (CPI-M) have joined hands with the Maoists, who were present at Kamduni village that day to kill me. A murder plot has been hatched against me. But I don't fear. They want to exterminate me to pave way for their return to power, but that will not happen," she said.
Most part of Banerjee's speech was confined to bashing the CPI-M, but Congress and BJP too came under her attack.
"I would like to tell you that CPI-M, Maoists, Congress and BJP have all joined hands to conspire against my government," she said, calling for foiling all such designs.
"So long as Maa, Maati and Maanush (Mother, land and people) are with me, nobody can touch my hair. I never commit a mistake knowingly. I am not afraid to die," she said and alerted people against allowing CPI-M, Congress and BJP to reap political benefits when rape and murders take place.
Alleging that 'these parties' had been playing politics over incidents of rape, the chief minister made a veiled reference to a local CPI-M leader and said "the marxist leader posted some of his henchmen at Kamduni village when I went there on Monday".
Banerjee said the family members of the deceased girl at Kamduni "were not to blame for the subsequent events for which CPI-M and Maoists are responsible".
Sounding note of caution against any attempt to create lawlessness in Bengal, Banerjee said "I don't believe in revenge politics. Not a blood was dropped in the state when we took over reins of the government. I believe in peace and I am a votary of peace and development."
Naming a journalist, she said she had evidence that he was urging CPI-M people to squat "so that no policeman can go near me. I was told by my security that for sometime I was without any security and my life was at stake".
"I would again urge you (opposition parties) not to do politics of violence and murder. I have total faith in democracy and I would like all to follow that," she said.
Referring to the deferred panchayat polls, she said her government was in favour of holding the polls during winter for convenience of the voters.
"But I did not make any comment so far against the State Election Commission or others, she said adding her party was not afraid of the "unholy alliance of CPI-M, Congress and BJP" in the coming polls as "it enjoyed the support of the grand alliance of the people."
The chief minister slammed opposition parties as also a section of the media "for carrying out slander campaign against my government. But I will fight inch by inch to hold aloft glory of our state."
She later put forth her success report at the rally, coming down heavily on the previous Left Front government for leaving behind a debt burden of over Rs 2 lakh crore.
"This huge debt burden forces us to pay Rs 25,000 crore as annual interest to the Centre. Had we not have to bear this burden, I could have created job opportunities for 10 lakh boys and girls in just one year," the chief minister said.


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