Netai (WB), Jan 08 (Agencies): Trinamool Congress chief Mamata Banerjee on Saturday consoled the families of those killed by suspected CPI(M) armed cadres at Netai village in West Midnapore district.

She further added that ten injured people were battling for life, while eight had died.

Banerjee told the villagers that it was commendable the way in which they had resisted CPI(M) cadre without arms and said they should guard their villagers themselves.

"We are with you. We had also fought the CPI(M) without arms at Singur and Nandigram," she said.     

A 60-year-old man, Sudhanshu Dandapat alleged before Banerjee that he was forced to receive arms training and was beaten up with lathis when he could not attend.

A woman, Padmabati Roy, said that the CPI(M) armed cadre had ordered her to provide 65 chappatis daily and massage them in the afternoon when they were resting.