Kolkata: West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee, who completed her first month in the office on Monday, initiated the process of returning the land to the ‘unwilling’ farmers of Singur.

The decision has been hailed by the farmers whose land was acquired to set up a small car factory in the region.

“The gazette notification of the Singur Bill, scrapping the previous Left Front government's deal with Tata Motors to return land to 'unwilling' farmers, was initiated on Monday”, sources said.

According to sources, the process to return at least 400 acres of land to the farmers will be initiated by the end of the week.

The Singur Land Rehabilitation and Development Bill 2011, which was passed by the West Bengal Assembly on June 14, received Governor M K Narayanan's assent on Monday.

An official copy of the notification has been pasted on the walls of the Tata Motors abandoned project site at Singur.

Tata to challenge Bill scrapping Singur deal

Meanwhile, Tata Motors has decided to challenge the Bill.

"We will move court on Wednesday," Barrister S Pal, who is representing Tata Motors, told a news agency here on Tuesday.

Asked which part of the Singur Land Rehabilitation and Development Bill, 2011, would they will be challenging, he said, "We are challenging the whole act".

The Bill was passed in the state Assembly on June 14, amid a walkout by the Opposition Left parties, by voice vote along with some amendments brought by the government.