"Mamata Banerjee government is the most corrupt government in Bengal in the last 70 years. It is an astonishingly corrupt government," Akbar told reporters on the sidelines of a cultural program here commemorating Vijay Diwas.
Refuting allegations by Banerjee and TMC leadership that the investigation and the arrest of TMC leaders was politically motivated, he said "This is absolutely untrue. If she wants to speak about political motivation then she should attack Sonia Gandhi because the Saradha case was started during the UPA regime."
"It is Supreme Court which had ordered the inquiry. Can CBI or any other government agency flout the orders of the Supreme Court? The CBI is doing its job under the instructions of the most judicious, sacred and independent body in the country ... People will not fall prey to the politics of hysteria, which I am afraid the chief minister of West Bengal seems to like very much," he said.
Following the arrests of Transport Minister Madan Mitra and TMC MP Srinjoy Bose in the Saradha scam, Banerjee had alleged that BJP leadership and Prime Minister Narendra Modi was using CBI in Saradha scam to politically malign TMC in Bengal.
Akbar, a veteran journalist, also mocked Banerjee's threat to organise protests in New Delhi against the CBI investigation into Saradha scam as 'politics of desperation' by Banerjee.
"This idea of going to Delhi to protest is nothing but politics of desperation. This is not going to work. The CBI will not be deflected from its constitutional duty to complete the full investigation into the Saradha scam," he said.

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