Kolkata: It is quite hard to digest that leaders of today take inspiration from books. But, Trinamool Congress chief Mamata Banerjee has turned out to be an exception as according to her, Swami Vivekanand’s book- Call to Nation-inspired her to fight against Singur project.

“When the Left Front, despite my warning, started acquisition of the land for the Tatas in Singur, I became very helpless. It was then I kept reading the book by Swami Vivekananda which gave me strength,” said Banerjee.

She also said that the administration misbehaved with her and left her at Kalighar. “I could not sleep but I kept reading the book-Call to nation,” she added.

Inspired by the lines-‘never say no’ and ‘never say cannot’, Mamata said these lines inspired her to fight the Singur land case.

The Railway Minister also got inspired by Mahatma Gandhi’s autobiography-‘My experiments with Truth’- and expressed that the book encouraged her to fight democratic movement.

“These two books are always in my bag and whenever I feel de-motivated, I refer to them,” she added.