Kolkata: While continuing her political campaign on Friday, Trinamool supremo Mamata Banerjee visited many districts of North Bengal and urged the people to prepare themselves for a change in the ruling party in the state.

She visited the districts of Nadiya and Murshidabad and on the occasion of Bengali New Year vowed to bring developmental changes in the state.

In the Karimpur Legislative Assembly of Nadiya district, while campaigning for the Trinamool candidate Dr Ramen, Mamata said that development is the only agenda for ‘Maa Maati Manushya.’

She even held rallies in Jalandhi, Sagardigdhi, Bhagwangola and Hariharpara.

Targeting the Congress district president Adhir Chaudhary, Mamata said they wanted to divert the wind of development towards CPM. She urged the people to oust the 30 year old government in the state and embrace a change for the development of the state.

(JPN/ Bureau)