Kolkata: Several incidents happen in our daily lives which compel us to believe in existence of God. Something like this happened in West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee’s life after which she started believing in the almighty.

 Mamata, in her recently published autobiaography ‘My Unforgettable Memories’ has revealed many of her ‘childhood secrets’. One among them is:

“When I was in fifth standard, I got an opportunity to visit a zoo with my friends. My father had given me Rs 5 for the purpose but it wasn’t enough. I was unable to ask him for extra money. My father had placed an iron chest in his room in which he had kept some cash. I was somehow hoping to find more money. I began to pray to the almighty to give me one more note and fortunately after a lot of prayer I found a 5 rupee note near the chest. Since then I started believing in God,” Banerjee writes in ‘My Unforgettable Memories’.

The book also said that her mother used to celebrate her birthday on every ‘ashtami’ (eighth day of the Navaratra). It also claims that Mamata has so far been celebrating her birthday twice in a year.

“At that time I was a kid. Once, my father and my elder brother were going to a school for his (elder brother) admission when I began following them without their knowledge.

After walking some distance I suddenly lost the way. When they returned back home, they were shocked to know that I was not there. They started searching for me. At last, my father went to Bhawanipur police station to register a report but he saw me sitting on a bench inside the police station surrounded by two policemen asking my father’s name and my address. I was in complete fear and was unable to answer their queries. The moment I saw my father, I was relieved and returned home,” she explained in her book recalling the incident.