Balurghat (West Bengal): In what could be ‘Niyati Ka Khel’ for software engineer Devashish who is fighting legal battle for get custody of his own son in the United States.

Devashish was promoted to a senior position in the US on July 29. He along with his wife Pamela and 11-month-old son shifted to the new place. Everything was going well for the couple, but one day their child fell down from the bed. He was admitted to the hospital.

After the round of treatment was over, the hospital authorities said that the kid was physically abused by his parents. According to the local laws, the child protection team was informed thereafter. The hospital authorities have decided not to hand over the child to his parents.

Devashish approached the court for taking custody of his son Indrashish, but effort went in vain. The judge decided not to give the kid’s custody to the parents. Meanwhile, Devashish’s father, Nirmalkrishna Saha, a resident of Balurghat in West Bengal is suspecting foul play in this episode. He contacted the state’s law authorities to get a way out of the mess.

Earlier this year, two kids named Abhigyan and Aishwarya were also separated from their parents in Norway. However, after much hassles, they were handed over to their parents.


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