New York:  In a bizarre incident, a man who lost his wallet during prom night at his school has got it back after half a century.

Construction workers found James Simpson's wallet stuck in a wall as they prepared to knock down the Mariemont elementary school in Cincinnati.

The wallet still had Simpson's driver's license, photographs, a lock of hair and tickets to the 1963 prom.

Simpson, who now lives in Florida's Anna Maria Island, remembered losing his wallet on the night of the prom at the institution, which at the time was a high school.

“I was really depressed, but I had to go back and face the music and tell my girlfriend I couldn't go to prom because I didn't have any money,” he said.

His date's mother loaned him the money to go to the dance, but they were thrown out when a teacher found out that his date was only in the eighth-grade.

“It was sort of the prom from hell. I hope everyone else's prom was better than mine,” he said.

The wallet did not contain the prom money when it was found again.

He said that someone must have found the wallet, took the money and shoved it into the wall, where it remained untouched for almost half a century.