Bihar: Human beings having horn is something unusual and very hard to believe. But in a bizarre incident a 96-year-old man has developed a horn on his head. The three-inch long horn is as hard as those of animals like goat.
According to Jagdish Kapri, resident of Salempur village in Banka district of Bihar, the horn started growing some six months ago as a small bump and has now reached a length of 3 inches.

Jagdish claimed that he was not having any problem because of the horn but is shocked and traumatized.
The bizarre incident has left local doctors in dilemma. Keeping the age of Jagdish in mind, the doctors are not willing to remove the horn by performing surgery.

According to civil surgeon, Dr NK Vidyarthi, growing of horn on head is first of its kind incident. Dr Vidyarthi asserted that a team of doctors will visit Jagdish to examine him following which his treatment will be started.


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