New York: A Polish man who accidently slipped and jammed a screwdriver into his forehead above his right eye while working in his garden, says a smoke helped him relax after the accident.

The tool plunged two inches into the 25-year-old's head, who later underwent a surgery for three hours, media reported. The doctors at a hospital in the city of Bialystok said that the man didn't suffer any major brain or eye damage and he was expected to make a full recovery.

The man, who has chosen not to reveal his identity, told media that the only thing he remembers is that it was his hand hurting and he found some weird thing near his eyes. He added that he puffed a smoke to settle down his nerves after he looked in a car mirror and saw the tool protruding from his forehead. The man then called his neighbours to take him to the hospital.


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