Dehradun: The growing human interference in forest territories has lead to spurt in man-animal conflict in Uttarakhand. As a result, over 250 humans and more than 900 animals have lost their lives in last 11 years.

The grim condition can be gauged from the fact that 646 deer, 193 elephants and 65 tigers were killed in the fight for survival. Notably, the danger looms large over tigers that are mainly killed because of poaching.

Having 65 percent area of forest cover, the state forests are turning into battleground for survival. Human interference, shrinking of forest areas, declining practice of animal husbandry are the factors responsible for promoting man-animal conflict in the state.

“Rising man-animal conflict in the state is a concerning issue and to tackle the problem various plans are being chalked out. But the prime focus is on the conservation of forests and to ensure adequate availability of food for the animals," said Chief Wildlife Caretaker, Uttarakhand, SS Sharma.

Although many have paid the price of the conflict by losing their lives, the answer to when the fight will come to an end still remains in dark.