As soon as she stepped out of the airport, her baggage was stolen. It contained designer outfits and jewellery for the event she was attending along with several B-Town folk including Hrithik Roshan and Bipasha Basu.

Explains Manasvi, "As the film had released, I was getting a lot of calls. While exiting the airport premises, I stopped at a store to buy phone cards. I kept my bag and went to the counter. But as soon as I turned, the bag had already disappeared."

The actress created a scene and the the cops were summonded immediately. "They went through the CCTV footage, but once outside the airport premises, it was difficult to know where the thief took off for in Hong Kong."

The model-turned-actress had to shop for outfits locally to wear at the events. "Everyone was telling me film release hui aur nazar lag gayi. I now also have to pay for the designer outfits that I have lost. It has affected my relations with them as well."

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