Bhopal: In a development that once again proves the utility of following the traffic and driving rules, the figures of Bhopal Police have revealed that 135 lives were saved in the city because of its mandatory rule of wearing helmets for the two-wheeler riders.

Addressing teachers and students at a two day training programme for teachers and students on the importance of traffic rules, Home Minister Umashankar Gupta said “For the improvement of the traffic movement in the city, police and the city residents will have to work together. NGOs must come forward and take initiatives in this direction.”

Discussing about the role of teachers in creating awareness about traffic rules, he said that students should learn the importance of traffic rules and become responsible citizens of the country.

Speaking on the occasion, District Governor of Rotary Club, Atul Gargav said that club would help the city police in maintaining traffic in Roshanpura and Bhopal Talkies intersection areas.