Mumbai: The New Year has started on a busy note for Parineeti Chopra, who has been shooting non-stop for her film with Maneesh Sharma. “No complaints, I am happiest when I am working,” chirps the marketing executive-turned-actor. With some exciting projects in her kitty, Parineeti talks about her weight, dealing with gossip and being linked with Maneesh Sharma.

Post Ishaqzaade, there was a lull period in your career. People said you didn’t have films on hand. Did that bother you?

Well, I got a number of offers post Ishaqzaade, with characters similar to that of Zoya. I did not want to repeat myself. I was busy at that time reading scripts and shooting for my endorsements. There is a time gap between signing a film and commencement of shooting. Now, I am working 24x7, and people are talking about my work.

Likewise, I have TV endorsements also. Work comes to you in good time, and I am not impatient (smiles).

Your alleged relationship with Maneesh Sharma grabs headlines quite often. What’s your reaction?

It definitely makes me upset. I am a normal girl with friends of the opposite sex. I don’t blame the media as they are doing their job, but at least they can clarify the stories with me. Maneesh is my mentor. He has taught me a lot about acting and filmmaking. You can say that I am Maneesh’s protégé. You don’t romantically link a student with her teacher! How can you link me with him? In fact, Arjun Kapoor, Sushant Singh Rajput and Ranveer Singh are all my friends. We are in the same age group. What’s so wrong in that?

You are working again with Ranveer in Shaad Ali’s film. What kind of chemistry do you two share?

We have a great rapport. Both of us are quite crazy about our work, so there’s a high level of energy on the sets whenever we are together. I am getting to romance Ranveer in Shaad’s film, so I hope that our chemistry rocks.

Does all the talk about your weight bother you?

Gossip changes from time to time. People spoke about me being out of money, performing for R 20 lakh on New Year’s Eve and now they are talking about my date crunch. I am a naturally healthy girl, so I can’t look anorexic. I love curves. But let me reiterate that as an actor, I feel it is very important for me to look like my character. I am happy as long as I can achieve that.

What’s your priority in signing a film — the role, script or director?

My role and my director. A good director can work wonders with a weak script. A meaty part is important for me. Post Ishaqzaade and Ladies vs Ricky Bahl, I don’t want to do films where I am just a showpiece.

We have heard that you hate dressing up for events. Is it true?

Yes, though I don’t mind dressing up for my role. The two hours you spend on hair and make-up is worth the effort. But decking up for a one or two hour-events seems tiresome. But I have to watch what I wear (sighs). I am a very lazy person and prefer comfortable clothes.  


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