Participating in the debate on the Bill in Rajya Sabha, he said while he was supporting the legislation, he felt Panchayati Raj institutions should get a greater role.

Aiyar said PDS has been successful only in states where local bodies are prominently involved. He said he had written to Food Minister KV Thomas and had met him on the issue but despite his assurances, the local bodies are not given prominence in the bill.
Regretting that ‘not one comma has been changed’ despite his efforts, Aiyar asked Thomas to utilize the opportunity, when the bill was being discussed, to consider provisions which will recognize the role of panchayats and municipalities.
Aiyar said leaving implementation of PDS under food security to bureaucrats is not desirable. "However gargantuan the task of procuring, storing, transporting, delivering, if at the last mile there is a bureaucrat responsible and not an elected representative - there is no hope at all," he added.
The views of the Congress leader were welcomed a number of times with the thumping of desks by opposition members.


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