Reacting to Tewari's recent claim that the reports on the troop movement suggesting a coup attempt could be true, he was using the bogey of a military coup and politicising one of the finest armies in the world.
The Minister said that Tewari was  "much too intelligent a person not to know what he was doing or saying and he is a lawyer too.

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"Let me also emphasise that by trying to get at me he has once again caused collateral damage to the 13 lakh strong patriotic force that protects the country", he said. Singh added, "In one stroke he has cast doubts not only on the integrity of this force but also of the government he
was a part of and the then RM and PM – both men who are held in high esteem by his own party".
"So please stop wasting the time of this country. There are too many pressing problems that need attention. Leave some of us alone to do our job," he said.


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