New Delhi: Congress spokesman Manish Tewari, who accused Anna Hazare of being "steeped in corruption from head to toe", on Friday expressed regret over his utterances and appealed to the activist to end his 10-day fast.

"I know some of my recent utterances have hurt Mr Hazare. I regret the same and I would like to appeal to him as a citizen of this country to end his fast," Tewari said here.

"In the course of political cut and thrust, certain things are inadvertently said which cause pain," he said.

Recently, Tewari had said Hazare himself was involved in corruption. "The Sawant Commission ripped apart the moral core of Hazare as it found him steeped in corruption from head to toe," the Ludhiana MP had said.

He had also alleged that Team Anna comprised "armchair fascists, over ground Maoists, closet anarchists funded by invisible donors".