Though polling has been conducted in three phases so far, Manmohan has not held any rally. He was seen before cameras along with others only when during the release of Congress manifesto for the 2014 Lok Sabha polls. Besides, Rahul Gandhi seems to be the face of his party for this year’s general elections though the party has not officially declared him the prime ministerial candidate.

According to grapevine, Manmohan has been kept away from the poll campaigns so that there should be an obvious message that the Congress is geared up to push Rahul as a party face in the Lok Sabha elections.

Even candidates also seem to be unwilling that Prime Minister goes for canvassing in their constituencies. Apart from that, Rahul is taking the credit of all welfare and developmental activities of the UPA government himself and the Congress party has always tried to keep the party vice-president away from the anti-incumbency wave.

The Congress leaders believe that the people are upset with the UPA government rather than the party. Based on this strange logic, the party has drawn its strategies and planned the campaigns accordingly.

In order to cool down the ‘tempers’ of people against the UPA government, Manmohan Singh has been kept out of the media’s sight and all campaigns. It’s mainly due to this very reason that he appeared before media after his 3rd January press conference only during the release of party’s manifesto.

Besides, he also stopped entertaining the press while travelling on special aircraft. His refusal to meet the media after his Myanmar trip on 4th March is also a part of the party’s strategy to shield him from the public view.

It’s also being said that ever since Rahul Gandhi ‘tore apart’ the Ordinance on convicted lawmakers, Manmohan Singh was quite upset. He made his anger and disappointment known to the party high command and also indicated towards ending his innings as the nation’s premier and leaving his 7 Race Course residence well before the election of new government.

Not only this, his duty hours have also reduced and it seems pretty clear that the Prime Minister has mentally retired from his position as well as politics even before the completion of his tenure.


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