New Delhi: Climate experts, policy makers and a host of other dignitaries from more than 12 countries will assemble here at a seminar on sustainable development that will be inaugurated by Prime Minister Manmohan Singh on February 2.

"Protecting the Global Commons: 20 years post Rio" is the theme of the three-day Delhi Sustainable Development Summit (DSDS), a flagship event of The Energy and Resources Institute (TERI).

Finnish President Tarja Halonen, President of Seychelles James Alix Michel, President of Kirbati Anote Tong, Nobel laureates Prof Paul J Crutzen and Dr Elinor Ostrom will attend the conference.

The 12th DSDS will also see the participation of host of other dignitaries comprising development practitioners, scientists, academics, corporate leaders and several ministers.

Talking to reporters, TERI Director General R K Pachauri said the theme of DSDS will provide information and knowledge to the Earth Summit 2012 that will take place in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, from June 20 to 22.

DSDS 2012 will be the first important meeting of global leaders preceding the Earth Summit, Pachauri said.

The Rio+20 summit will mark 20 years of the 1992 Earth Summit which will witness leaders of the world coming together to deliberate and devise a plan for a sustainable future.

Asked whether the argument that the nuclear energy can play a role in providing a sustainable energy future would be discussed in the summit, Pachauri said, "I think all of them have to be discussed. Nuclear energy, of course, something you can't wish away."

He said 17 to 18 percent of world's electricity is supplied by nuclear and it merits attention, analysis and "what the role of nuclear should be in future will certainly come up for the discussion".