New Delhi: Wikileaks founder Julian Assange has hit hard on Prime Minister Manmohan Singh for hiding the names of corrupt people. In an interview to English daily in India, Assange alleged, even if Manmohan Singh is personally not corrupt, he tends to hide the corruption.

Assange, who is now in UK, said that everyone knows that PM is not corrupt, but alleged that his (PM) statement in Parliament against Wikileaks indicates that he tends to hide corruptions and corrupt people.

Speaking about the authenticity of Wikileaks revelations in India, Assange said no one has questioned the credibility of the documents produced by Wikileaks in the past four years. “PM has deliberately made these statements to mislead the people of India,” he said.

Assange added that in the cash-for-vote scam, Manmohan had made a statement in Parliament that the government cannot ascertain the authenticity of subject-matter and the documents produced by Wikileaks.

Wikileaks owner even advised that Manmohan should have said that a report in this regard would be submitted to Parliament after necessary investigations as the allegations were very serious.

Showing concern on corruption in India, he said something concrete should be done. He even praised social activist Anna Hazare’s step against corruption.

Congress spokesperson Shakeel Ahmed has however rejected all the allegations and clarified Manmohan regime has taken immediate steps to act against all corruption cases that have surfaced.

(JPN/ Bureau)