Here are the highlights:

11.40 am: Any life lost in Kashmir, whether of a youth or of a security personnel, is a loss for us as a nation.

11.32 am:
People who are putting innocent young boys forward to disrupt peace in Kashmir, one day they will have to answer to these boys.

11.28 am:
Kashmir ke sambandh mein mera sabhi dalon se jitna interaction hua, usse ek baat jagrut hoti hai- ekta aur mamta, mool mantra mein rahi.

11.24 am:

11.20 am:

11.18 am:

11.15 am: Students of 1,700 schools wrote to their parents urging them to construct toilets in their homes in Chhattisgarh.

People are making extreme efforts to build a clean India, and building of toilets is a major highlight especially by girls

11.11 am: Why should we not go back to our tradition of using clay for making idols?

11.10 am:
Ganesh idols must be made of clay and not Plaster of Paris, says PM in 'Mann Ki Baat' promoting Eco-friendly Ganesh Utsav.

11.08 am:
PM Narendra Modi speaks about Ganesha Utsava.

11.17 am: My teacher is 90 years old now and his feedback is very important to me. Even how he writes to me assessing my performances as a Prime Minister.

11.16 am:
Main Pullela Gopichand ji ko, unki tapasya ko, khel ke prati unke samarpan ko salute karta hoon.

11.15 am:
My handwriting is not that good. I have immense respect for people with good handwriting.

11.14 am:
Teachers are as important as mothers in our lives. They spend their lives caring for their students.

11.12 am:
5 September is Teachers Day but I wont be here as I am flying off to G20 summitt.

11.10 am:
Hockey gold medal winners Argentina lost only one match, to India.

11.09 am:
We have to go a long way when it comes to focusing on Sports. Sports needs motivation and public is the best entity to do it.

11.08 am:
Parents still insist on studies and there is still not much liking for sports.

11.06 am:
Indian girls have done wonders by winning the only medals at Olympics.

11.04 am: Proven that they are second to none.

11.02 am:
Common peoples' interest in Olympics apart from cricket is amazing.

11.00 am:
Kal Hockey ke jaadugar Dhyan Chand ji ki janmatithi hai, ye din rashtriya khel divas ke roop mein manaya jata hai: PM Modi

In his last monthly radio programme 'Mann Ki Baat', he talked about a number of other subjects, including the Indian participation in the Rio Olympics, Independence day celebrations and his visit to South Africa.

During the 35-minute broadcast, he spoke about the need to curb deaths during child delivery and said government hospitals will offer free check-up on 9th of every month which poor pregnant women should avail of. He urged gynaecologists, who do not work in government hospitals, to devote one day for this purpose, saying lakhs of such doctors are required.

Talking about the floods that have hit some parts of the country, Modi said, "sometime back, we were concerned about drought but now we are enjoying the rains and there are reports about floods. The state governments and the Centre are working closely, making all efforts to help the flood-affected people".


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