The 35-minute special broadcast of 'Mann Ki Baat', which marked the bonhomine between Modi and Obama, touched on issues like girl child, public health and personal experiences of the two leaders, both of whom have risen from humble backgrounds to assume to top positions of the respective countries.

The programme, recorded yesterday, was virtually conducted by Modi, who read out the questions received from various parts of the country and both the leaders answered them.
At the outset, Modi said most of the questions posed by people were "connected to politics, foreign policy, economic policy. However, some questions touch the heart. And I believe if we touch those questions today, we shall be able to reach out to the common man in different parts of the country."
Obama, before answering the questions, said 'namaste' to the listeners and talked about his discussions with Modi and how his country wants to be a partner in India's endeavour to lift its billions of people from poverty.
He expressed keenness to partner India in development of infrastructure and in provision of facilities like clean energy and electricity.

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