Chandigarh: The government’s much-ambitious MNREGA programme may have been successful in many states but it has failed in Haryana. There is a beeline for job cards but people seem reluctant for jobs in the state, while the Haryana government pays labourers Rs 179, a highest amount of wage in the country.

A total of 7, 24,227 job cards have been issued in the state, while only 5 lakh people have asked for jobs.
The people of the state are not interested in work rather they believe that the job cards will fetch a chunk of land free of cost under the government scheme.

Director of Rural Development Department, OP Sheoran, said, “It is really a serious issue. Inspite of seeking jobs, people are more interested in free scheme by government.” 

There is a report that fake job cards have been issued in state. There is no clear account for Rs 44 crore which was earmarked for Ambala under MNREGA.

As per the scheme, labourers are guaranteed work for atleast 100 days in a year. If a labourer is not given a job, he will be paid one-fourth of the wage for 30 days and half of the wage for next 70 days as compensation.

Under the provision, they are not assigned any work which entails machine. A labourer is put on job like water storage, irrigation, plantation, land development, cleaning ponds, draining water etc.

The MNREGA scheme was first started in Sirasa and Manhendragadh in 2006 and it was applied across the state by 2008. The Harayana government has spent Rs 446.23 crore under the scheme so far.

(JPN/ Bureau)