Kolkata: Talking tough after fresh Maoist violence in West Bengal in which three TMC supporters were killed, Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee sent a word of caution to the people offering assistance to the red rebels. 

The CM was speaking at a meeting to mourn the killing of two Trinamool supporters by the Maoists at Balarampur in Purulia district, where she claimed that some people were helping the Maoists with money and shelter.

"The government is keeping a watch on them," she said and urged people to check any such activity. She did not fail to point out the suspicious activity of Uttarapara residents and students of few Universities. "I know all people are not bad, but you must keep a watch," Banerjee said.

In addition, she also said that Maoists were more dangerous than terrorists and warned that her government would not remain a mute spectator.

The Trinamool leader also hit out at the Maoists saying they cannot talk peace and kill people. "You cannot talk peace and kill people. We will not sit back and watch the atrocities being done on people. It is our duty to ensure law and order," she said.

Banerjee added, "I still feel good sense will prevail on them and they will come back to the mainstream. The state government will provide the best possible facility to help them return to a normal life. It is a duty of the government to give protection to people."

Without missing a chance to attack the CPI (M), Banerjee said, “CPI (M) and Maoist are together responsible for the violence in the area.”

Agencies prepare ‘wanted list’

The intelligence agencies have prepared a list of 11 people who were supposedly helping the Maoists in their operations. The activities of the so-called well-wishers of the rebel group would be closely monitored. 

Mamata has already mentioned that the government is keeping a close watch on Kolkata, Hooghly and other districts where people are helping the Maoist.

According to the intelligence agencies, the list includes one lecturer of Jadhavpur University, two people of the Hooghly district who call themselves as the human rights activist. 

When the police was asked about the arrest of the people, they said that evidences are being collected against them and thereafter they will be arrested.

(JPN/ Bureau)