“AAP, which has been set up on foreign funding like an NGO, is spreading delusion of eradicating real problems,” Maoists spokesperson Abhay said.

In an interview to a web portal, Abhay has accused Kejriwal of running the AAP comprising leaders having NGO background.

According to the Maoist leader, the party is in the control of foreign hands as it is supported by NRI funding.

“How can a party that is controlled in foreign grounds understand the ground realties of our country and solve them. Their tall claims and promises for the betterment of aam aadmi (common man) are no more than hype. These are false claims which have nothing to do with reality,” Abhay said.

Calling them a ‘safety valve’, the Maoist leader said, “AAP is working as a safety valve between the angry people and the government to cool down the uprising arising out in the country. By creating hype of giving parliamentary solution to the common man’s problems, team Kejriwal is doing nothing but to befool the countrymen.”

Abhay, a Politbureau member, maintained silence when asked about the association of Naxalites and Soni Sori, AAP candidate from Naxal-affected Bastar Parliamentary constituency.

Sori has been accused of having direct link-ups with the red ultras.  In October 2011, she was nabbed for being a conduit in alleged payoffs by the Essar Group for the Maoists in Dantewada.


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