Raidih (Gumla): Protesting against the corporate culture in the tribal areas, Maoists on Friday set ablaze several big machines worth several lakh in Gumla.

A bridge costing Rs 88 lakhs, which was under construction over Shankh River, was also set on fire.

Labourers working at the site said that about 35 armed Maoists came and looked for the Clerk. But, when they were unable to find him they destroyed the oil pipe to collect the fuel. Later, they burnt all the machines.

The list of machines set afire included Compressor, Generator, Welding Machine, mixture, four diesel pump and two electrical motors.

According to reports, Maoists asked the workers not to use any kind of machine. They also put forth the demand of Rs 140 as minimum wage to the labourers.

Superintendent of Police (SP) Narendra Kumar Singh and Deputy Commissioner, Rahul Sharma inspected the area.