The manager of the store Top Shelf Cannabis, Zach Henifin said that the explosion was dangerous enough and sounded like a shotgun going off.

The store which sells marijuana products legally, had ordered 331 bottles of pomegranate soda. The sparkling drink which was made by Mirth Provisions got delivered on September 28.  

The next day, employees found a sticky mess in the inventory and discovered that the bottles were exploding.

The explosion was dangerous and the workers had to wear face mask and protective clothing to move more than 300 bottles to a steel trash bin. However no body got injured in the process.

Mirth Provisions founder Adam Stites, said that the bottles exploded as, this batch of soda bottles had higher yeast concentration, which resulted into build up of excess carbon-di-oxide due to fermentation.

However, the manufacturing process has been modified by completely eliminating yeast, he added.

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