London: Musician Mark Ronson says he is taking his time writing songs for the London Olympics because he doesn't want British people to be embarrassed by his efforts.
Ronson has joined forces with Katy B to produce a track, which will become the theme to the 2012 London Games and said he is taking his time over it to make sure he gets it exactly right.
"It's taking loads of time. It sounds like a mess of an idea but it's actually not, it's really amazing. You've got to rep your town. If you make something that's bad, that's a couple of million people that you're embarrassing," Ronson said.
The 'Bang Bang Bang' hitmaker also explained the track is taking so long because he's gone to great lengths to get the sound of athletes in training for the sing.
"I'm literally strapping all these people who are like Wolverine or the Bionic Man and really getting inside these sounds. That was the theme of the song, to take the sound of athletes and training to make the track and have Katy sing on top of it," he added.