Thiruvananthapuram: The Press Council of India (PCI) chief Markandey Katju on Monday likened Pakistan to Jurassic Park, saying violence and deaths are being reported everyday due to inherent faults in that country's formation.

Delivering the second Rajiv Gandhi memorial lecture organised by the Institute of Parliamentary Affairs here, he said the commotion in that country was the natural consequence of setting up a theocratic state.

"You cannot create a state on the basis of religion in the sub-continent which is full of diversities," he said.

Speaking on the topic 'What is India', Katju, whose article 'Truth about Pakistan' was recently published by 'The Nation' in Pakistan, said Partition was a mistake and a combined nation comprising India and Pakistan that would not tolerate religious bigotry and Hindu and Muslim extremism, would become a reality some day in future.

He said Partition had sown the seeds of the destruction of Pakistan as a nation.

He also said India was passing through a period of transition from feudal agricultural society to modern industrial society.

"The transition is a very painful and agonising period in our history. It is the duty of all patriotic people to spread rational and scientific ideas in this period to combat casteism, communalism and superstitions," he said.


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