All you need to know about Muhurat!

Indian stock brokers, intermediaries and investors celebrate Diwali in a special way through the Muhurat trading session. This special trading is held for an hour or so on Diwali night so that investors can do ritualistic trading in the stock market.

This year stock exchanges will host ‘Muhurat Trading’ on 23 October. A special 75-minute session on the evening of Diwali has been announced by NSE.

Muhurat, according to the Hindu lexicon, means ‘an auspicious time’ decided by planetary movements.  Trading in the stock market on Diwali day at a specific Muhurat time is hence believed to bring prosperity and wealth for the year ahead.

For Gujaratis and Marwaris, the new financial year begins on Diwali. Old account books are closed and new ones are opened as the new ‘Samvat’ begins. Since in India, stock markets are dominated by these two communities, Diwali has a special place in the markets.

The Muhurat session is important only if you are religious and superstitious. Else, you can switch your trading terminals off and burst crackers instead. That might be more fun.

While it is great way to begin the new year with a cracker of a start, don’t get carried away by the fervour of the day. Make sure to invest smart.

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