Rahul Bose talks about his films and his unique ideas:

A slice of India

The thought behind the auction -- The Idea of India -- is to make people realise the incredible excellence of this country by collecting memorabilia from achievers in the fields of art, culture, sports and Bollywood. I approached eminent people, who stand for compassion, generosity and non-discrimination. But most of them were puzzled about what to donate. I requested Shabana Azmi to part with her gold medal from her acting school days while Javed Akhtar obliged me with poetry written by him, his father and grandfather. Then Vikram Seth penned the first and last sonnets of his debut novel on a handmade paper besides writing a special couplet for the buyer. Aamir Khan has given the bundi (jacket) that he wore in Lagaan. Zakir Hussain has donated his tablas that his legendary father, Ustad Alla Rakha played on. That’s my favourite of the lot.

Busy year

I am doing four films this year. I am very excited about Zoya Akhtar’s multi-starrer movie. Though I am not one of the six lead actors, I have a very interesting supporting role, stuff that I can get my teeth into. Then I am doing a Bengali film and one with debutant director Varun Malhotra. We will start shooting for the sequel of Mr and Mrs Iyer at the end of this year. I feel only the best films should have a sequel. Otherwise, second parts are made just to rake in the moolah and widen the fan base.

Not going ‘South’

From the Southern film industry, quite surprisingly, I got just one offer after Vishwaroopam last year. But then I realised playing a shrunken, cancer-ridden, one-eyed monster wasn’t the best introduction to the filmmakers out there. (chuckles)

Matters of the heart

I look around and see everyone has a partner and I feel like I am an island. I cry into my pillow every night (giggles). Jokes apart, I don’t understand why getting married is equated with settling down in life. Marriage can be the most unsettling thing in life! I think I am well-settled and love seems like an illusion now. But I have been in love and have been in some wonderful relationships.

The other side of me

Weekends mean rugby for me. That’s how I stay fit. In fact, am developing a long-term plan with the Indian Rugby Football Union to improve the scenario of that sport here. I am also working on making Mumbai gender sensitive.

Courtesy: Mid-Day

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