"It can be any time from November 2014 till January 2015. I am too happy to marry Payal. I am very lucky to have her in my life,” Sangram said.

The wrestler, who made to the final of ‘Bigg Boss 7’, says he is very happy with Payal despite people telling him that she is not the ‘right soul mate’.

“People said she is not the right soul mate for me. But tell me, why do we look for Sita when none of us is Ram," he said.

Payal and Sangram met on the sets of a reality show ‘Survivor India’ and they later fell in love. "Payal and I have been together for three years. We are sure about each other's feelings. The kind of simple conventional background that I come from does not allow me to be with a woman without giving her and the relationship the sanctity that they deserve," said Sangram.

On the occasion of Mahashivratri, the couple had an engagement ceremony in Ahmedabad, where Payal's family stays.

"We exchanged rings at a temple in a simple ceremony and took our relationship to the next level. Only the immediate family members were present," Sangram said.

"We were completely different souls. But we hit it off immediately,” he said.

He added, "She took charge of me, taught me how to talk and dress among the so-called elite. Though she is very glamorous and urbanized, I found out about her family problems and that she was a bread-earner for her family. She touched my heart. And though many people warned me she wasn't the right woman for me (as I am sure a lot of people warned her against me), Payal seemed right for me."

Sangram confesses he finds Payal to be a very real person.

"I come from a very humble background. In Mumbai, where I have been living for the past three years, everything is so cosmetic. The walls are decaying. They have just been quoted with paint. In this atmosphere of artificial beauty, Payal is my connectivity with reality. She is the woman I want to spend my life with,” the wrestler said.


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