London: Basketball player Kris Humphries says that his 72-day marriage to reality star Kim Kardashian was "real" as far as he was concerned.

Humphries, 27, who was Kardashian's husband for just 72 days before she filed for divorce in October, said he believes their relationship was genuine, a website reported.

"To me it was real. I would never go through something or do something that wasn't real or I didn't believe in, so I can really only speak for myself in terms of that.

"In my life, there's been opportunities to make money and I don't believe in what it is. Money only has so much – it doesn't rule my life so I would never do anything strictly for money," he said.

Humphries has been lying low at home in Minnesota with his family since the split.

"I'm in a great place, above all [thanks to] my faith in God and just... how close my family is and then the fact that... luckily, we didn't get locked out all season and we're playing basketball.

"Basketball is where you can just go and not think about anything and just let loose. I always tell people basketball is like my therapy. Some people talk to psychologists and stuff like that. I just need to go play basketball."