The 3D image that has been generated using multiple pictures taken by Mars Colour Camera, is uploaded on social media platform by the Indian Space and Research Organization.

ISRO on its official Facebook page states "An anaglyph 3D image of Mars- generated using multiple pictures acquired by Mars Colour Camera."

The 3D image is taken from an altitude of 74500 km from the surface of Mars, and shows regional dust storm activities over the northern hemisphere of Mars.

To view the picture with 3D effect, viewers have to use red and blue anaglyph glasses. “What sorcery is this? Get your 3D glasses to look at Mars the way I do.” tweeted the official Twitter page of MOM.

The site has also tweeted how can one make their own 3D glasses.

With entering the Martian Orbit India has joined nations like United States, Russia and Europe that have been successful in sending probes to orbit or land on Mars.

India is the first nation in Asia to reach Mars, and also the only nation to succeed in its first attempt.

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