Greater Noida: Formula One Team Association (FOTA) Chairman Martin Whitmarsh is not in favour of teams fielding three cars in the Grand Prix, saying it may destroy the smaller outfits.

At present 12 competing teams can field a maximum of two cars but big teams such as Ferrari have been pushing hard to have three teams.

Ferrari President Luca di Montezemolo had even suggested sarcastically that smaller team should go to compete in GP2 if they do not have the money.

"We have a duty to support the sport and the teams. It will probably destroy the smaller teams. Red Bull McLaren, Ferrari, and may be Mercedes can possibly do it, but if we manage the sports badly, the number of teams may drop to eight," Whitmarsh said in an interaction.

"There should be sustained business for all teams," he added.

It was reported that FOTA was discussing the idea with FIA. FIA boss Bernie Ecclestone had also reportedly shot down the proposal.

When Michael Schumacher was to come out of retirement in 2009, Ferrari was keen to have him as a third racer but they could not do it due to regulations.

Montezemolo had argued that spectators want to see good racers and there was no point in having slow drivers and teams, which just brought up the rear.

There have been disputes between FOTA and FIA, the sport's governing body, and FOTA had also threatened to start a breakaway series but Whitmarsh said they are in right direction to solve all issues.

"At no time FOTA suggested breakaway series openly. The sport needs to be managed well and the teams need to cooperate. We have made progress but not good enough. Talking it openly will not be helpful," he said.

FIA and FOTA have fought over regulations, particularly the budget cap of 40 million pounds.