Manesar: While on one hand Maruti Suzuki India Ltd. is busy hiring new workforce for its Manesar factory in Haryana, the company is also trying to get their regular employees back who have joined the protest led by the workers’ union.

As per the sources, there has been no direct contact with such workers but the company is trying to get in touch with them through SMS.

The company has started sending SMS to the workers who are ready to sign the ‘good conduct bond’ and want to join back.

This is how the SMS reads: Dear fellow employees, despite the management positive policy, and efforts from the Labour Department and the Haryana government, the negotiating talks have failed. This is because the workers are keeping up their personal interests. Please understand the hidden truth and contact us for accurate information on matter concerning on management proceedings. Take your own decision without any fear, return to work immediately in favour of the company.

Meanwhile, the management has added 200 new workers at its Manesar unit, increasing the total workforce to more than 1,300.