New Delhi: In a bid to deal with the production impasse due to the ongoing tussle with its workers at the existing Manesar plant, the country’s largest car maker Maruti Suzuki India has decided to start operations of second plant almost a month ahead of its planned commissioning.

According to the company’s sources, the company may commence operations at its second Manesar plant within two days. The company’s engineers are working practically 24×7 to bring the second plant on stream.

The second plant at Manesar, set up at an investment of Rs 1,700 crore, was planned to be functional by end of September 2011.

“With the starting operations at second plant we are hopeful that we will be able to handle the on-going situation better at the existing plant”, said Maruti Suzuki's spokesperson.
The new plant would deliver at least 30-40 percent higher output with the same manpower at the existing Manesar plant. Hence the company which is presently short of manpower would be able to produce more with even less staff.

The company has hired 180 skilled technicians on contract, taking the total number of workers hired over the past two days to 300. In addition to this, 350 workers, which include engineers and supervisors from the Gurgaon plant, have been sent to the Manesar plant to help in smooth production. At present the company has 680 employees working at Manesar.