Manesar: The ongoing strike of workers at Maruti’s Manesar plant has started showing its impact. The production at Gurgaon plant has slowed down because of already closed ancillary units of the company.

On Monday, only 1800 cars were manufactured in place of the company’s usual production number 2800. If the same situation continues, the production work at Gurgaon plant of Maruti may come to a close.

Almost 8000 workers of Maruti’s Manesar plant, Suzuki Power Train India Limited, Suzuki Motorcycle India Private Limited and Suzuki’s casting plant continued their strike on Monday.

It should be noted that regular workers at the Maruti Manesar plant went on strike on Friday, protesting the management's refusal to take casual labourers back to work.

The protesting workers, on Monday, alleged that the Maruti Suzuki management is trying to project their protest as violent, adding that they are being forced to indulge in violence.

Countering the workers’ arguments, Maruti Suzuki management says that striking workers are interrupting other workers from coming to work.

Spokesperson of the company said, “At the time, when company wants to boost production, workers are not supporting.”

Meanwhile commenting on the situation, Gurgaon Deputy Commissioner P C Meena said that officials of labour department are trying to mediate to end the strike.