Melbourne: One of Australia’s oldest Hindu temples located in New South Wales was attacked by two unidentified masked gunmen. They reportedly fired several shot at it, triggering panic among the temple's priest and worshippers.

Sri Mandir located in Auburn, is more than three decades old. CCTV footage showed that the two men in balaclavas fired several gun shots on the night of March 19. No one was killed or injured in the incident.

Detectives were working closely with the community as part of investigation into the incident, said a report.

The footage of the attack was handed over to police, but nothing has been done to solve the issue, said Rohit Revo, a Sydney resident and editor of a local newspaper.

"Few bullets hit the wall at the temple entrance, just a feet away from the main door. One of the bullets grazed through the wall and ricocheted hitting the emergency door on the side of the temple," he added.

"A bullet was also fired on the roof of the temple which found its way through the false ceiling inside the temple. Looking at the bullet marks on the temple walls suggests that
specialised big bullets were used in the operation," he said.

Normal bullets are of a very small width but these bullets have created bigger holes on the walls, Revo said.

"Neighbours are also sick of the escalating violence and have extended silent support to the temple by sending them e-mails etc but fear speaking in the public," he said, adding the recent incident was not the first one as the temple has been attacked several times since 2004.

Last year, some people armed with metal bars had smashed two windows of the temple, when six worshippers were inside.

The temple's priest, Jatinkumar Bhatt, claimed that he had also been harassed by youths in the past, but the latest shooting incident left him scared.