Sanaa (Yemen), Jan 27 (Agencies): Close on the heels of popular revolt in Tunisia, tens of thousands of protestors are taking to streets of the capital and demanding for the Yemeni President’s ouster.

Crowds in four parts of Sanaa have shut down streets and are chanting calls for an end to the government of President Ali Abdullah Saleh, who has been in power for nearly 32 years.

The demonstrations led by opposition members and youth activists are a significant expansion of the unrest sparked by the Tunisian uprising, which also inspired Egypt's largest protests in a generation.
"We will not accept anything less than the President leaving," said independent  Parliamentarian Ahmed Hashid.

More demonstrations have been called by the Opposition on Friday.

"We'll only be happy when we hear the words 'I understand you' from the president," Hashid said, invoking a statement issued by Tunisian President Zine El Abidine Ben Ali before he fled the country.

Saleh has made efforts to  resolve simmering tensions by raising salaries for the army and by denying opponents' claims he plans to install his son as his successor.

Post Tunisian turmoil, anti-riot police and soldiers were deployed to several key areas in the capital, Sanaa, and its surroundings to prevent riots.

That hasn't stopped critics of his rule from taking to the streets in days of protests calling for him to step down, a red line that few dissenters had previously dared to cross.

Although Saleh's current term in office would be expiring in 2013 but proposed amendments to the constitution could let him remain in power for two additional terms of ten years.