Dehradun: The mass suicide by 10 members of a family including one male, three females and six children by jumping in Shakti Nahar in Vikas Nagar has shocked the valley.

The police reached the site and found an elderly woman with her hands and legs tied lying unconscious near the canal. On gaining conscious, she revealed that her three daughters along with her son-in-law and their children consumed poison and jumped in the canal.

While the police have discovered the bodies of eight persons, there is still no trace of a woman and the man. The police have discovered cold drink bottles, poison and sleeping pills from the site. After the preliminary investigations, SSP Gopal Nath Goswami described depression as the reason behind the tragedy.

Tracking the events, the police was informed of a woman lying unconscious near the canal who was later identified as Kailasho Devi the mother of three women who resorted to the extreme step. She was then taken to the hospital by the police.

The tragedy came to light when Kailasho’s fourth daughter Rita along with her husband reached Vikas Nagar and reported 10 family members missing. On cue from the woman’s statement and Rita’s complaint, the Dhakrani power house was shut down in search of the 10 people. The bodies discovered form the river have been identified as Hemant (32), Ravita (30), Pradun (11), Pratham (8), Anmol (4 months), Muskaan (6), Tina (8) and Diya (4). However, Kailasho‘s third daughter Sonu (22) and son-in-law Manoj (30) are still missing.

Rita revealed that they were five sisters of whom Rekha, wife of Shokendra Kumar had died due to Jaundice followed by kidney failure. She said that after her death, the three sisters Ravita, Hemant and Sonu were living in depression. Rekha’s three daughters were living with them while their father lived in Muzaffarnagar.

The police believes that due to depression, they all consumed poison and then jumped into the river. SP Rural Girish Chandra Dhyani introspected the site while the police are still in search of the missing two people.