New Delhi: Despite a slight progress in reducing the child and maternal mortality rate, government is still facing difficulties to arrest death rates. It can be gauged from the fact that one out of every 20 child is dying before celebrating his first birthday, as per  the data furnished by  Registrar General on Thursday.

The official records of maternal mortality are not too encouraging either. Out of one lakh expectant mothers , 212 die soon after giving birth to a child.

The Registrar General on Thursday issued fresh data on the mortality rate of infants and mothers. Even though the data reflects a slight improvement when compared to 2009, a lot is yet desired.

The mortality rate of infants in comparison to 2008 has declined by 3 percent. In 2008, 53 out of per thousand children died before completing a year. In 2011, the number has gone down to 50. This indicates that one out of every 20 infants is dying within the first 12 months.

The worst infant mortality rate of 67 percent was recorded at Madhya Pradesh.  Kerala has the lowest child mortality rate at 12 per cent.

Out of one lakh women giving birth to a child, 212 die soon after delivery. The number of maternal deaths has gone down since 2006. As many as 254 women out of one lakh died minutes after giving birth to a child. However ,the maternal moratality  rate has gone down considerably in Kerala, Tamil Nadu and Maharashtra.