It is an important subject for those who want to pursue a career in the field of engineering, business administration, chartered accountancy, statistics or even economics. With just two days to go for the highly important Mathematics examinations, we are listing here few tips which will provide students the much needed help just before the D day.

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Tips for Preparation-

1. It is very important to complete your NCERT book, because 90 percent  paper revolves around NCERT book
2. Formulas have certain rules, so try to create short-cut for formulas to make it look more easy.
3. For problem based question always get an idea of what you are being asked then try to note down the formulas which you have apply with them.
4. Make a sheet of important concept and formulas for last minute revision before entering the examination hall.
5. Before you start writing the exam paper try to utilise first 15minutes to read the paper properly.
6. Question with choices can help you to score more because you have the liberty to choose which one you know to solve perfectly.
7. In case you are slow with long question try to solve them first because the have high weightage.


On the day of exam:

Be confident and keep a positive attitude.
Review all the formulae and important topics early in the morning.
Write neatly with proper margins
Do not get stuck to a question for a long time, if unable to solve


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