New Delhi: There is a good news for those who did not have Mathematics as a subject in class XII but are still seeking admission in commerce stream in a Delhi University college. The University administration has announced that Mathematics won’t be required to be a subject in class XII for admission to newly introduced four-year under graduate programmes in Commerce from the academic session 2013-14.

Till last year, many DU colleges were not allowing admissions to those students who wanted to opt B.Com Honours programme, and did not have mathematics in class XII. Consequently a large number of students were deprived of admission. DU’s fresh announcement has now come as a relief for such students. This announcement has triggered a debate on this matter as a few colleges believe that having a background of Mathematics will be helpful for the students of commerce stream and thus they trash the latest decision of the University administration.

Speaking in this regard, Prof PC Jain of SRCC College says, “Debate is always there whenever there is a big change, because people are accustomed to their comfort zone. The announcement by the DU administration will only help those students to pursue commerce who don’t come from Mathematics background. And since the four year programme includes Mathematics subject, the student will eventually gain knowledge in that area. It’s definitely a positive step taken by the administration.”

On being enquired about how the syllabus for the four year B.Com Honours and Economic Honours programmes has been framed, Prof. Abhay Kumar of SRCC says, “Students who did not have mathematics might think that it would be difficult for them to cope up with the syllabus of the four year programme that includes Maths as a subject. But we assure them that they have nothing to worry about as the syllabus has been reframed by the teachers only, that too very carefully.”

There is a slight confusion among students regarding this announcement as the University website has not published anything on the matter yet.
“I wanted to pursue commerce but I didn’t have math in my class XII. When I came to know that DU Colleges are taking students like me, I immediately went to the University site but did not find any new information in this regard which made me confused,” Says Nimi Khurrana, a class XII pass out.

The DU administration says that university has very categorically instructed all the colleges that they should not make it compulsory for the aspirants to have studied Maths earlier. It is believed that many of the colleges are yet to update this information on their sites.

Sakshi Kuchroo/JPN