Sitamarhi (JPN/Bureau): His wife is a TB patient, son a dumb. Despite being polio-affected from one leg, he sweats hard to make both ends meet. Besides being a BPL card holder, he is devoid of a house under Indira Awas Scheme since long. Meet 45-year-old Mohd Matkeen, a rickshaw puller who is yet another example of government’s apathy towards poor.

A resident of ward No 3 in Majorganj block of Seetamani, Matkeen is braving all odds to earn bread and butter for his family of eleven. Matkeen has failed to get the benefit of any government scheme despite several plans available for people like him.

Matkeen says his efforts to seek a tricycle from the government proved futile as his requests fell on deaf ears. He is devoid of any of the beneficiary scheme provided by the government.

However, when Kishore Ram, Block Development Officer (BDO) of Majorganj, was asked in this context, he ruled out receiving any application from Matkeen. “It may be that Matkeen have got into the trap of middlemen. He should have directly contacted the concerned block office. Matkeen would soon be getting the benefits of housing and pension schemes,” said the BDO. He added, “As far as the provision of tricycle is considered, it would be made available to him as soon as we get them.”