Patna: The Parliament of Mauritius on Thursday passed the Bhojpuri-Speaking Union Bill, which makes Bhojpuri an optional language in primary schools of that country.

In Mauritius, it is mandatory to choose one Indian language or Chinese or Arabic as an oriental language in primary schools.

Bhojpuri language is widely spoken in north-central and eastern India while a large number of Indian diaspora speak the same language in Mauritius.

Informing about the same, Mauritius Art and Culture Minister Mukteswar Chunni, who is resident of Bhojpur in Bihar, said, “Bihar is moving fast. Bihar’s development in recent time is matter of discussion here. Bihar under the leadership of Chief Minister Nitish Kumar is definitely doing well.”

The Mauritius government has also approved the Sanskrit Union Bill, which highlights the immense importance of the Indian languages in the country.