Lucknow: Mayawati might have made mighty claims about the achievements of her government after its completed four years last week, however, if the state of affairs in the state, especially the increasing number of unemployed youth in the state, is taken into account her government has not been able to meet expectations of the people in the state which is home to maximum population among all the states in the country.

All the government claims to generate employment opportunities proved insufficient when the State Employment Exchange came up with its data about unemployed youths.

The Exchange records show that number of registered unemployed youth has reached more than 20 lakh. The revelation comers after Mayawati Government claimed to have recruited 93,000 teachers and 1 lakh other recruitments in her present tenure.

The government went on counting its achievement on this front saying that it has regularized 35000 employees apart from filling 33066 vacant reserved seats. It also claimed that the conducive environment led to private companies investing in the state.

Contrary to it, the Employment Exchange said that only 8000 people have been provided job in last four years whereas 21125 started their own work.

The recommendations of the Sixth Pay Commission also impacted the job creation scenario in the state.

However, Bhagwati Prasad Sagar, minister of state (independednt charge), has claimed that despite dearth of budget and resources, the state government has made all efforts effort to generate employment. The government organized Rozgar Mela, training camps and self employment scheme for state’s youth.