New Delhi: It is difficult to gauge the agony of people of Japan who are under radiation threat after the country was badly hit by a massive earthquake followed by cataclysmic tsunami. But, it is only the sufferers of the Mayapuri radiation incident who could feel the dreaded pain, because their wounds have not healed yet.

Ajay Jain, a victim of the radiation at Mayapuri, who got deep wounds on his right hip and thigh, is still under treatment and there is no permanent relief to his pain.

After getting discharged from the RR hospital, he still has to buy dressing patch daily, costing around Rs 1,000. This apart, he has been operated upon 11 times at the Ganga Ram Hospital from September 2010 to February 2011, but he can neither sit comfortably nor walk properly.

He also got plastic surgery done to remove the scars. Even though Ajay spent Rs 15 lakh for his treatment, he cannot even fold his leg.

Another victim of radiation, Deepak Jain, said that his right elbow was exposed to radiation. On January 7, 2011 he went under operation at the Ganga Ram Hospital.

He said, due to radiation the right side of his body had become black. Jain gets tired easily and he cannot walk properly. He still goes for regular check-ups at the RR Hospital.

Doctors fear that radiation can again cause side-effects on the body, which has wrecked the mental peace of the victims.
A leakage of radiation in Mayapuri area, Asia’s largest scrapyard, had killed one and left seven others critically ill on April 9 last year.