Sitapur (UP): Accusing the Congress-led UPA government of not cooperating with her in the past five years, Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Mayawati on Wednesday said only her party could empower the "sarv samaj (all classes)". BSP supremo claimed that the party has not fielded any tainted candidate in poll fray.

"In the real sense only BSP government can work towards empowerment of the sarv samaj and it has proved the same to a large extent over the past five years", Mayawati said in an informal chat with reporters here.

Mayawati, who arrived here to address an election meeting, said the biggest issue in UP elections is that in the past five years we have performed well, done a lot of work which none of the other governments before us have done since independence.

"The state, however, is a big one as far as its population is concerned, five years is not enough to remove the backwardness of Uttar Pradesh and the central government has also not helped us", she said.

There is still the need to work for the development of the state and remove the backwardness, she said adding that the sarv samaj also needed to be uplifted.

The BSP chief who looked happy following the presence of large number of her supporters said that it is for the people to decide whether she would become the chief minister for the fifth time.

"Ask the people... you can see the crowd", she said when asked whether she was confident of returning as the chief minister of the state again.

Meanwhile, addressing the meeting Mayawati said that BSP which is contesting on all assembly seats has chosen good candidates who are devoted to people in their constituencies.

"Bad candidates were denied tickets and given what they deserved," she said.

Attacking the Congress, she said its wrong economic policies resulted in increase in poverty and unemployment following which people of UP had to go out and work in other states.

Alleging that the centre has discriminated against the BSP government, she said that request for a package worth 80 thousand crore for various schemes meant for the poor was made but it was rejected.

Despite this, BSP ensured development on its own, she said adding that minorities and muslims have benefited under the BSP rule.

On her move to divide the state into four parts, she said that the centre is silent on issue.

Stressing that the BSP government maintained law and order even at the time of Babri Masjid verdict, she blamed the Congress of playing divide and rule policy on minority reservation and termed their manifesto as an election gimmick.

Referring to the NRHM, she said after murder of two CMOs BSP government started its investigation and took resignations from two of their ministers on moral grounds.

The BSP chief blamed the central government of using the CBI as a tool to torture BSP at times of election in the name of NRHM case and alleged that CBI has not proved to be so quick in 2G, CWG and other 62 scams worth 20 lakh crore.

Talking about corruption, she targeted SP for food scam, police recruitment and BJP for Karnataka Mining scam.

"These parties should not speak about corruption as they are themselves involved",she said adding that BJP made no effort to being back black money despite being in power for 7 years.

Mayawati warned that if SP came to power women and businessmen would not be safe as goondas would rule the roost. Warding off the people from Congress, she said that it would hand over small big enterprises to foreign companies while BJP would give a boost to communal forces.

She appealed to the public to avenge their anger over covering of the statues by voting for the BSP and helping in formation of majority government.